The Head & Neck Support group of Birmingham, Alabama is appealing for donations of crocheted stoma covers for new laryngectomy patients. The stoma covers should be 5 to 6 inches wide and 4 to 5 inches long, with ties of 10 to 12 inches. Stoma covers made with cotton thread, such as size 10 (bedspread weight) thread, are preferred.

       In addition to serving laryngectomy patients in the MidSouth area, the Head & Neck Support group also mails literature and a couple of stoma covers to new laryngectomy patients wherever they live. 

Here is a little background from Pat Sanders:

    We are desperately looking for crocheted stoma covers or bibs for new laryngectomees. We give a few out to each person who has had this surgery either through the Head and Neck Cancer Support Group here in Birmingham (affiliated with Kirklin/UAB but available to all who need support), or through the local chapter of the American Cancer Society here in Birmingham, AL. I chair the support group and serve on the Patient Services Committee of the Mid-South Division American Cancer Society. I am a laryngectomee.

    We are always looking for help since the laryngectomees so appreciate receiving these. In addition, some do not have the money to buy ready made covers and we like to see that they get some extra when we have them.

    Colors are not important. Most people tend to make them in white or beige, but my friend (the one who wrote the pattern) made one for me last year for the Christmas season with varigated thread of red, green and white. I couldn't get it washed fast enough to wear it again!

    It should be a fairly close weave since the purpose is not just to cover up, but to filter out some of the impurities in the air. A fabric that is open to the point of being able to see the stoma through the cover is a little too open. 

Send donations of stoma covers to:

             American Cancer Society, MidSouth Division, Region 7

             Attn: Nancy Price

             1100 Ireland Way, Ste. 201

             Birmingham, AL 35205


For more information or stoma cover patterns, phone (205) 930-8876

or email Nancy Price: or Pat Sanders: